What are Graphene Quantum and Carbon Dots?

Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) and Carbon Dots (CDs) are extremely small particles, typically at the nanoscale. The dots’ size and composition can be carefully manipulated in order to fine-tune their photoluminescence. These materials are particularly useful because of ​their ​tunable photoluminescence over a wide spectrum range,​​​ and prolonged ​photo​-​​ and thermal-stability. GQDs/CDs ​are favorable alternatives to fluorescent dyes​​.

Non-toxic Carbons

Made from carbon sources, Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) are a non-toxic advanced material


The fluorescence colour can be tuned by changing the size, chemistry, or doping – creating unique optical fingerprints


GQDs absorb photons of light, then re-emit photons at a different wavelength. For example GQDs fluoresce in visible spectrum when exposed to UV light


GQDs have multiple potential applications, including biomedical, in-product authentication, tracing, materials field testing and more


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