Optical markers in the service of quality assurance and authentication of lubricants and greases

Background Dotz was approached by a world-leading developer and manufacturer of high-end synthetic lubricants and greases, for a unique solution to a very specific challenge. Designed to improve product performance, the customer’s portfolio of over 1000 formulations is supplied to the automotive, aerospace, defense, renewable energy, and space industries. This rapidly growing market has been […]

Optical markers keep plastic test tubes secure

Background The customer is a start-up company in the field of secure packaging. In the sports world, athletes competing in certain events are required to provide urine or blood samples before and after competing. The samples are sent to an accredited lab, where they are screened to see if they contain any illegal or banned […]

Marking of bio-based fiber for provenance, supply chain integrity, and recyclability standards

Background Dotz was approached by a cleantech startup that has developed and manufactures a bio-based recyclable textile fiber. The company’s patented recycling technology enables blend separation and contaminant removal, transforming discarded textiles into 100% virgin fiber.  As all textile fabrics consist of varying fiber compositions, in order to reclaim and repurpose the recyclable fiber, and […]

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