Dotz Appoints Two New Distributors for Its RT-LAMP Diagnostics Solution

December 2021, IsraelDotz Nano Ltd. (ASX: DTZ), an advanced materials company specialising in diagnostics, tracing, and authentication solutions, has appointed two new distributors for its end-to-end RT-LAMP COVID-19 diagnostic technology in Southeast Asia.

Leading scientific solution providers ScienceVision Sdn Bhd and World Siam Group Co., Ltd. (WSG) will promote, sell and distribute the Dotz Mega-Diagnostic Platform in Malaysia and Thailand respectively. Both distributors have extensive diagnostic distribution experience and long-standing relationships with leading laboratories and medical suppliers.

“We are delighted to be working with ScienceVision and WSG, both well-established diagnostics solutions suppliers in their markets,” said Dotz CEO, Gideon Shmuel. “The Southeast Asian region is a very important market for us, where we expect significant growth for our COVID-19 diagnostic solution. Given the companies’ deep connections, infrastructure and experience in this area, our partnerships will also ensure that our local customers are provided with the best service and support.”

The Dotz Mega-Diagnostic Platform is a cost-effective and highly accurate end-to-end SARS-CoV-2 testing solution for en-masse, rapid, and precise diagnosis of COVID-19 at the point-of-care. It consists of nasopharyngeal swab and saliva-based Dotz Test Kits, an advanced diagnostic system, and a results-management system.

The platform can simultaneously test up to 96 samples per device with results delivered on-site in approximately 30 minutes. Results are evidenced by a visual change in the colour of samples, ensuring a simple and rapid analysis procedure.

The Dotz Mega-Diagnostic Platform is based on RT-LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) technology with 97% True Positive Rate for viral loads of 1250 copies per mL; and 100% Specificity. It is an ideal solution for organizations or locations that are required to perform large numbers of tests in a short time, such as airports, universities, factories, workplaces, border crossings, and more.  It requires minimal operator training, thereby significantly lowering overhead costs such as medical personnel and laboratory equipment.

Dotz’s diagnostic solution has been granted CE Mark Authorisation from the European Union, and the company is awaiting Emergency Use Authorisation from the FDA.

Dotz’s SARS-CoV-2 virus detection technology is available in Paraguay via El Alamo and is distributed through Egypt, Sudan and the UAE by Hygiene Links.

About Dotz Nano Ltd.

Dotz Nano Ltd., a subsidiary of Dotz Nano Limited (ASX:DTZ), is a technology leader in research, production and marketing of diagnostics, anti-counterfeiting, authentication and tracing solutions. Since the onset of the global pandemic, the Company has expanded its technology portfolio to include a number of groundbreaking COVID-19 solutions such as Dotz Mega-Diagnostic Platform, an RT-LAMP diagnostic solution designed for rapid, en-masse testing. 

To learn more about Dotz, please visit the company’s website at:

About ScienceVision Sdn Bhd

Founded in 2007, ScienceVision has grown to become one of Malaysia’s most reputable scientific solution providers through its deep understanding of the market requirements and the innovative and progressive ways in representing the brands under its responsibility. ScienceVision takes pride in becoming the catalyst in increasing the technology adoption by becoming the active link between customers and technology.

To learn about ScienceVision, please visit the company’s website:

About World Siam Group Co., Ltd.   

World Siam Group Company Limited (WSG) was established to cater to the need of Life science laboratories with its main focus on Chromatography and Mass dSpectrometry instruments, such as Gas Chromatography and Liquid Chromatography.

With over 24 years of experience, WSG has established strong relationships with more than 150 organizations around Thailand including Government, State Enterprise, Academic Institutes and private companies. 

To learn more about WSG, please visit the company’s website:

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