On Display at MEDICA for the First Time: End-to-End Mega-Diagnostic Platform for En-Masse, Rapid and Precise Diagnosis of COVID-19

October 2021Dotz Nano Ltd. (ASX:DTZ), an advanced materials company specializing in diagnostics, tracing, and authentication solutions, is excited to showcase its Mega-Diagnostic Platform for the first time at the MEDICA 2021 Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, November 15-18th (Hall 16, Israel Pavilion, Stand #16J28).  The Mega-Diagnostic Platform is a game-changing, end-to-end solution for en-masse, rapid and precise diagnosis of COVID-19 and other viruses at the point-of-care.  Dotz’s all-in-one solution consists of proprietary DOTZ Test Kits, an integrated diagnostic system, and a results-management system. 

Dotz’s platform provides an integrated and cost-efficient solution for SARS-CoV-2 testing that has the capacity to simultaneously test up to 96 samples per device in approximately 30 minutes.  The test produces a visually-detectable change in the color of samples, ensuring a simple and rapid analysis procedure.  The platform can use both saliva and nasopharyngeal samples for a more comfortable testing experience, particularly for children.

The Dotz Mega-Diagnostic Platform is based on RT-LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) technology with >95% True Positive Rate for viral loads of 1250 copies per mL; and 100% Specificity. It can be used in organizations or locations that are required to perform large numbers of tests in a short time, such as airports, universities, factories, workplaces, border crossings, and more.  It requires minimal operator training, thereby significantly lowering overhead costs such as medical personnel and laboratory equipment.

Commenting on the technology, Dotz CEO Gideon Shmuel stated that: “From the outbreak of the pandemic up to this point, en-masse and accurate detection of COVID-19 relied on complex and slow methods that must be performed in well-equipped laboratories by trained personnel.  Our integrated, simple-to-use solution brings rapid and highly-accurate testing capabilities to the field, supporting a resumption of normal economic activity while keeping those transiting highly-trafficked public spaces healthy and safe.” 

Dotz’s diagnostic solution has been granted CE Mark Authorization from the European Union, and has also applied for Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

About Dotz Nano Ltd.

Dotz Nano Ltd., a subsidiary of Dotz Nano Limited (ASX:DTZ), is a technology leader in research, production and marketing of diagnostics, anti-counterfeiting, authentication and tracing solutions. Since the onset of the global pandemic, the Company has expanded its technological portfolio to include a number of groundbreaking COVID-19 solutions such as Dotz Mega-Diagnostic Platform, a RT-LAMP based diagnostic solution designed for rapid, en-masse testing. 

To learn more about Dotz or contact the Company, please visit the website at: www.dotz.tech.

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