Anti-counterfeiting & monitoring

In-product taggants for brand protection, product liability and in-field testing

The leading solution that connects the physical to the digital world​


In Product.​

Proprietary optical taggants, embedded in the product in the production stage. Implemented into polymers, oils, paints, lubricants, fabrics, adhesives, inks, and more.

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Detectors, Scanners & Mobile Phones​

A family of hand-held easy-to-operate miniature devices that scan the product in a special optical wavelength and collect the reflecting signal, creating unique signature. The Mobile app compares the signature created with a model graph, providing real-time information about the scanned product.

Dotz Shield

Dotz Cloud-based Management Platform​

Aggregates information through the mobile app and presents a comprehensive picture of the entire value chain, enabling analysis and chain optimization.​

Key Benefits.

Anti-counterfeiting & anti-alteration

Authenticate your product in order to fight counterfeits and secure your revenues

Product liability & anti-dilution

Understand how customers are using your product and be able to conduct in-depth investigation of customers complaints

Quality Assurance (QA)

Get an insight into your production and manufacturing processes

ESG validation & circular economy

Prove your claims regarding raw materials provenance and make your supply chain transparent

In-field measurement

Take your lab to the field. Get real-time indication of your products’ performance

Product enhancement

Provide your customers with higher value through enhanced anti-counterfeiting / product liability / QA / in-field measurement / ESG capabilities


Cement mixer
Construction & concrete

Chemicals & Additives


Ink & Print

Tractor in the field

Agtech, Nutrients & Agrochemicals



plastic chips

Plastics & Polymers

Oils & Lubricants

Our Technology.

Dotz’ scientists have developed a range of unique nano and micro materials, including Graphene Quantum and Carbon Dots, with advanced fluorescence capabilities. These materials are non-toxic, adjustable, and can be used in multiple applications.

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