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Dotz Test Kits

Simple and cost-effective detection of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses

Dotz offers a quick and cost-effective SARS-CoV-2 detection through a simple and rapid method that is specific, sensitive and with low operational costs. This diagnostic technology enables simultaneous samplings, that can be used in densely populated places or organizations. Conducting the tests does not require professional personnel. The results are visible after approximately 30 minutes.

Dotz RT LAMP vs. PCR

Dotz  has developed a cost-effective and accurate rapid diagnostic solution for COVID-19

Dotz Test Kits benefits

Comfortable Sampling

Saliva or swab


Results in app. 30 min


Genes identified: N & ORF1ab


Low CAPEX & operational costs

Easy to Use

Ready-to-use LAMP mix

High Accuracy

96% sensitivity & 98% specificity
(1250 copies/mL)

Bio processing

Dotz is collaborating with Theracell labs ltd, a subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed biotech company Orgenesis inc., for co-development, supply, and licensing.
  • BioDotz™ are Dotz tracers used for bio-imaging, biosensors, drug delivery, and medical diagnosis.
  • Dotz to enable patient-specific tracing ,bioprocessing, and imaging

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