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We are made up of committed and enthusiastic professionals, with decades of expertise in chemistry, material science and nanotechnology, with a mission to solve some of the most acute global challenges

CO2 emission mitigation

By utilizing plastic waste as the primary raw material for our new generation sorbents for carbon capture, we double our impact. Completely backed by science, our sorbents are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

CO2 emission mitigation

Anti-counterfeiting & monitoring

From QA and anti-dilution, through product authentication and in-field testing to validation of ESG and provenance claims, our industrial markers will protect your portfolio of industrial products, enhance it, and increase its value.

Anti-counterfeiting & monitoring

Our Technology.

Dotz’ scientists have developed a range of unique nano and micro materials, including Graphene Quantum and Carbon Dots, with advanced fluorescence capabilities. These materials are non-toxic, adjustable, and can be used in multiple applications.

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